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Elite Marine Canvas & Interiors has quickly become the gold standard in the design of yacht interiors. With our...
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Elite Marine Canvas & Interiors is renowned for its attention to detail and exacting craftsmanship.

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After a bit of wear and tear, it is inevitable that your yacht will start to look considerably less than perfect. At this point, many yacht owners simply give up, assuming that the cost of repairs would be astronomical and that the repairs would not restore the former glory. With Elite Marine Canvas & Interiors, there is no need to buy new!

We offer complete interior design services for all of your interior and exterior yacht needs, including enclosure curtains and custom yacht upholstery, and we specialize in custom finishes. In fact, we do it all. At Elite Marine Canvas & Interiors, our slogan is: “We've Got You Covered.”

Let us create the perfect space for your tastes and needs. We will support you throughout the design process, from the selection of fabrics to the design of the furniture. We will take care of the parts of the process you want to avoid, and we can handle everything from the initial budgeting and planning all the way to delivery and installation.

With other companies that only work with one part of the process, you can often end up rolling the dice as to the finished product. Our whole design approach ensures that you will know precisely how the end result will look. A yacht is a thing of beauty and a valuable investment. So get it right the very first time with Elite Marine Canvas & Interiors.

We have worked in the business for over 40 years, bringing our expertise to yacht owners of Miami, FL and far beyond. At Elite Marine Canvas & Interiors, we can provide the makeover for your yacht that will have you falling in love with it all over again. We even offer a free initial consultation, so there is no need to wait. Give us a call now, and see how we can help you regain the yacht of your dreams!